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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Build A Newborn Stockpile
30 day Challenge Final Update

Okay so 30 days has officially passed since we started this challenge. The deals were abounding, and I acutally found that the more difficult task for me was getting out of the house to get the deals since I haven't been feeling well. How did you do?

Just 25 days left til baby and I am happy with my stock pile.

Purchased this week
1 Nursing Wipes $3.99
2 Oxi Clean Spray $2.54 ($1.27 each with $3 off 2 coupon at Walmart)

Previous Purchases
9 Tubs of Huggies Wipes ($2 for all used register rewards)
1 Case of Huggies Diapers Size 2 ($0 used Amazon gift codes from Swagbucks)
5 packs Size Newborn diapers
5 packs size 1 Diapers
4 Packs Pampers Baby wipes
2 Lotions
2 Baby Shampoo
2 Head to Toe Baby Wash
6 Evenflo Nursing Pads
7 Teething Gel
4 Desitin

Total for all: $62.48

Not Purchased
3 Tubs of Wipes (64 count) or around 200 wipes - $1 each tub max
1 Boxes of Nursing Pads - $1 each
3 Packs of Cleansing Towelettes $2 each
  • There are no baby stores here in town, and I could not find exactly what I was looking for as far as nursing wipes. I ordered just one pack of nursing wipes on line for $4. We will see how I like them and I may or  not order more. 
  • My store ran out of stock of the nursing pads so I settled for 6 and I won't buy more until I run out (or there is another amazing sale). 
  • Couldn't get to the store for any more wipes though there were some deals to be had. I have quite a few on hand since neither of my 2 children are potty trained so I am not too worried about this either and if I really need to, I will buy Pampers Wipes on Amazon. Click here to see this deal.
Already on hand from original list
2 Lotions
2 Baby Shampoo
2 Head to Toe Baby Wash

My Spending:
Starting Budget: $115.00
Actual Out of Pocket $63.00

Some Notes
  • I didn't buy or had on hand about $16 of estimated purchases from my original list
  • I used a $21 in Amazon gift codes
  • Used $7 in Register Rewards towards wipes
All in all I would call this a success. Sometimes things don't work out as planned and it is difficult to build a specific stock pile in a mandated period of time. Only thing I didn't buy that I *might* still need is those nursing wipes. Looks like I may have to with retail, but since I did so well even if I do buy them it will only cost me another $12.

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