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Monday, August 1, 2011

Build A Newborn Stockpile
30 day Challenge Update 3

So it is my birthday :) But also it is day 23 of the challenge!

This week I didn't get much, but I did stop in at Walgreens and burn some register rewards on those $.99 Huggies Wipes at Walgreens

Click here to read the first post of this 30 day challenge to see everything we are stockpiling for baby.

Build Your Stockpile this Week

  • This week Walgreens is having a great deal on Pampers Diapers. I am all stocked up on diapers, but Click Here to read about the Pampers deal and get them as low as $4.50 per pack.
  • If you can't get to the store there are some great deals on Diapers and wipes at Amazon, check out my post on those by Clicking HERE
  • Click Here to read about Swagbucks another opportunity to earn Amazon gift cards or money for your paypal account.

My Weekly Update

Purchased This Week
9 Tubs of Huggies Wipes
1 Case of Huggies Diapers Size 2

Used a $2 coupon, the subscribe and save discount and paid the balance with Amazon gift codes.

Total out of Pocket: $2.00
(used my Register Rewards to buy all but one tub, plus $.93 in tax - I am going to round it up to an even $2)

What's Left
So Here is what is left with just 7 days to go
I've spent $56 of my $115 budget

Baby Needs  (My budget = $100 / Retail = $220)
3 Tubs of Wipes (64 count) or around 800 wipes - $1 each tub max
2 Stain Remover (prefer Oxi Clean) – $1.50 each max

Nursing Needs (My Budget = $15/ Retail = $55)
2 Packs of Cleansing Towelettes $2 each

Total Items left = 7
Total Budget left = $59

Click Here to see the complete list of items to for our Newborn Stockpile

Still no deals forthcoming on the stain remover or the cleansing wipes so I will probably pick these up at retail from a super center. There were $3 off 2 Oxi Clean coupons in the 7/24 SS and $.50 off 1 coupons you can print HERE.
I don't think I will be finding a coupon on the wipes, but of course whatever I get I will let you know. Hope you all are having fun building your stockpile!

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