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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Build A Newborn Stockpile
30 day Challenge

Someday I will start a 30 Day Challenge at the beginning of the month, but I wanted to start this one now since they have some great deals going on at Walgreen's this week.

For this challenge I will be working on building a 12 to 16 week supply of baby needs. I have a baby due in less than 60 days so I am really needing to get this done, and thought this might be great for anyone else who has a baby on the way or a loved one with a baby on the way.

Goal for this challenge is to get your baby all stocked up for the lowest out of pocket possible!
I will post my progress once a week. 

Each week I will post the best baby deals. (I will post twice a week if the Thursday grocery ads have baby stock up prices as well). This will help you build your stockpile and get a feel for stock up prices for this genre of products.

Here is what I will be stockpiling for my newborn:

Baby Needs  (My budget = $100 / Retail = $220)
4 Packs of Newborn Diapers (pampers or Huggies) - $5 each max
4 Packs of Size 1 Diapers - $5 each max
4 Packs of Size 2 Diapers - $5 each max
12 Tubs of Wipes (64 count) or around 800 wipes - $1 each tub max
4 Tubs of Sensitive/Natural Wipes (64 count) or around 250 wipes - $1 each max
4 Diaper Rash Cream - $1 each (prefer Desitin) (probably won’t need this til she’s much older but I will be on the look out for a deal)
4 Baby Wash – $1 each max
4 Baby Shampoo – $1 each max
4 Baby Powder – $1 each max
4 Baby Lotion – $1 each max
1 Baby Cotton Swabs (on hand)
1 Alcohol Towelettes (on hand)
2 Stain Remover (prefer Oxi Clean) – $1.50 each max

Nursing Needs (My Budget = $15/ Retail = $55)
7 Boxes of Nursing Pads - $1 each
4 Packs of Cleansing Towelettes $2 each

Total Items = 63

I am looking to save about 60% overall from retail. I have some wipes on hand from when they were free at Kroger a couple weeks ago plus when they had those awesome $10 coupons for, so I may not buy any over the next 30 days unless it's an awesome deal. I also may use some Amazon gift codes from Opinion Outpost and Swagbucks to help offset the cost.

Obviously this isn't everything you will need for a newborn, but these are the most common stockpile items for baby. Of course if I see any other amazing baby deals along the way I will post :)

Good Luck


  1. So, are there posts on how you actually get the stockpile accomplished? This is awesome! I would love to save on baby supplies with the new one on the way Imay actually get enough courage to attempt these harrowing coupon feetsyou perform so effortlessly.

  2. Actually, I did post the Amazon baby deals, and I have been highlighting the best baby deals as much as possible, this week there is a great deal going on at Walgreens on Pampers Diapers, last week Walgreens had a sale on baby wipes that I put up a separate post for. I have built most of my stockpile from Walgreens so those are the only post I've featured for the challenge. You can totally do it Vicky, saving money on babies is how I got started.