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Friday, July 22, 2011

Amazon Baby Deals

For those of you who have babies, have a loved one or friend having a baby, or are participating in my 30 Day Challenge to build a baby stockpile on the cheap this post is for you. The following is the scoop on everyday savings at for baby as well as the top deals going on for wipes and diapers right now from the top brands. I am probably going to be using some of these deals to help build my stock pile before baby comes.

Overview on Saving for Baby on Amazon

  • Amazon Mom is a free service from Amazon, sign up and automatcally receive up to 15% discounts on participating baby products.
  • Subscribe and save is an option to Subscribe to have a particular product delivered to you on a periodic basis (you choose up to 6 month intervals). Choose this option during check out to receive an additional 15% savings on top of your Amazon Mom discount to save up to 30% on participating baby products! 
    • No additional charge to subscribe
    • cancel any time (after your initial order ships) for no fee, and still receive your discount on your initial purchase!
  • Free Shipping on Diapers and Wipes every day with no minimum $ amount. Items should arrive in 5 days or less. 

    Top Deals Going on Now for Pampers and Huggies

    Pampers Thick Care Unscented 7X Wipes 504 Count $9.79 with subscribe and save discount. Like paying $1.22  a tub. Same deal available in the Scented Variety HERE

     Huggies Little Snugglers Size 2 144 count $22.93 with subscribe and save discount. Like paying $5.73 for the jumbo packs you would find in the store.

    Huggies Size 4 - 112 count $23.51 with subscribe and save discount. Like paying $5.67 for the jumbo packs.

    Pampers are a bit more expensive so you have to buy a bit more to come out with the same price per diaper, so for those of you who love your Pampers brand here are the top deals I see.

    Pampers Swaddlers Size 1 - 234 count (about 6 packs of diapers) $32.19 with subscribe and save. Like paying $5.60 for a jumbo pack.

    Pampers Cruisers Size 3 - 222 count (about 7 jumbo packs) $37.09 with subscribe and save discount. Like paying $5.27 for a jumbo pack.

    What is great about these deals, (besides free shipping everyday!) is that for those of us who participate in survey sites or swagbucks where you are rewarded with gift cards, this can help bring the cost down. If you have even just one $5 code it can really bring your out of pocket cost down significantly (from 13% up to 51% just on the deals listed above.

    Also there are no coupons or cashiers to deal with and Amazon has consistently good customer service. (just don't forget to cancel your subscription if you don't want to get charged again).

    It took a while to compile these deals but Amazon carries all sorts of brands for diapers and wipes that are eligible for Amazon mom and the subscribe and save discount. So do some comparison shopping and see what you could save compared to store price on your favorite brand.

    Happy Saving!

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