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Monday, July 18, 2011

Build A Newborn Stockpile
30 day Challenge Update

So here is a pic of my baby stockpile. I have all my soaps and lotions stored here, as well as the teething gel and Desitin. Keep the diapers and wipes in the kids closets and pharmacy products are elsewhere as well. I am having a baby in about 7 weeks, but this stockpile serves all my children.

Purchased this week for the Newborn Stockpile.

2 Lotions
2 Baby Shampoo
2 Head to Toe Baby Wash
6 Evenflo Nursing Pads
7 Teething Gel
4 Desitin

Total Out of Pocket: $9.95

Feeling pretty well stocked up for this part of things anyway. I was wanting to get one more pack of nursing pads, but with 6 on hand I probably won't buy any more before this challenge is over.

Turned out I had 4 bottles each of baby lotion and baby shampoo on hand and 2 bottles of Head to Toe Baby Wash so I just bought a couple of bottles of each this week.

What's Left
So Here is what is left with just 21 days to go
I've spent $10 of my $115 budget, now let's see what kind of deals we can get on diapers and wipes

Baby Needs  (My budget = $100 / Retail = $220)
4 Packs of Newborn Diapers (pampers or Huggies) - $5 each max
4 Packs of Size 1 Diapers - $5 each max
4 Packs of Size 2 Diapers - $5 each max
12 Tubs of Wipes (64 count) or around 800 wipes - $1 each tub max
4 Tubs of Sensitive/Natural Wipes (64 count) or around 250 wipes - $1 each max
2 Stain Remover (prefer Oxi Clean) – $1.50 each max

Nursing Needs (My Budget = $15/ Retail = $55)
4 Packs of Cleansing Towelettes $2 each

Total Items left = 34

Check out the 30 day challenge HERE

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