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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Opinion Outpost
Earn Amazon Gift Cards

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Wanted to mention this again, especially for those of you who are participating in the 30 day challenge to build a newborn stockpile. Opinion Outpost is a great way to earn Amazon gift card codes.

Again, just like Swagbucks, I was pretty well neglecting my Opinion Outpost account, but since I knew I'd be purchasing some baby supplies on Amazon I recently started paying more attention to those emails from Opinion Outpost, and in the past 6 days I have earned $19.50!

You can cash out for a check at $20, but you can cash out for an Amazon gift code at just $5. This will definitely come in handy, so if you like taking surveys this is definitely worth a try, most of the surveys are very brief, and they are almost always shorter in duration than they say they will be.

Read my post about Opinion Outpost here.

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