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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Save With Ashley
30 Day Swagbucks Challenge

So I thought this could be fun, a challenge to make the most of your Swagbucks account. I know so many people who just sign up and then never really use Swagbucks and boy are they missing out.

What is Swagbucks?
Swagbucks is a search engine that rewards you for using it. Every time you search you have the opportunity to earn "swagbucks." When you have enough Swagbucks earned you can redeem them for prizes and gift cards.

Why the Challenge?
To prove to you just how easy it is to earn Swagbucks, and so you can see how little time it takes. My personal goal is to earn 9,000 swagbucks every year. Which is an average of 24 Swagbucks a day. If you use it all on Amazon gift cards that is $100 a year!

What is the Challenge? 
Okay great, so this is going to be easy together we are going to aim to earn at least 20 Swagbucks a day. Using only Quick and Easy ways to earn, if you have more time and want to take surveys and other Swagbucks earning opportunities than even better for you!

Quick and Easy Ways to Earn Daily

  • Sign up! - Click Here - Okay so you can only do this once, but you get 30 Swagbucks just for signing up, not a bad way to start.
  • Search - Clearly this is the quickest easiest way to earn points. I would recommend downloading the Swagbucks toolbar for easier searches. Expect 8 -12 points average for searching at least once a day, even more on Mega Swagbucks Fridays.
  • NOSO - or No Obligation Special Offers - Click through a series of offers, sign up for what you like skip what you don't like, and get a minimum of  2 points every day!
  • Trusted Surveys - Earn 1 point every day you click on the Trusted Surveys link, while your there take a survey or two (if you have time) and maybe earn some more bucks
  • Daily Poll - Earn 1 point daily for answering a quick poll.
  • Swabucks Toolbar - Earn 1 point daily when you open up a new window using a browser in which the toolbar in installed.
  • Games - Play a couple free and quick games every day. Earn 2 points the first time you play each game. Up to 4 points a day.
  • Swagbucks TV - 3 points daily. Watch 10 videos and earn 3 points. This can be a little time consuming but I have found lots of the videos are less than one minute and if you click on another window by accident and leave the video playing you will still earn your points. Watch videos in sets of 10 and earn 3 points multiple times a day. Not sure what the daily limit is on this one.
  • Special Offers - Lots of opportunities here, look for videos under Gambit for a 1 point per video earning chance. Newsletter sign ups for various websites will earn you 9 points. (I recommend using a secondary email when you sign up for these) plus lots of other free offers. Check back daily.

Weekly Updates:
Every week I will post how I did and I hope you will leave a comment telling me how you are doing as well.

I will include how I earned my points and about how much time it took me to earn them.

When Do We Start?
Let's start tomorrow! We'll wrap it all up on Friday June 10th

What can I do with My Swagbucks?

Well if you are successful and you earn 20 Swagbucks a day for 30 days you should have 600 points racked up. (love my math skill don't you?)

Here are some prizes for less than 600 Swagbucks
  • $5 Crazy Dog Tees E-Gift Card - 200 Swagbucks
  • $25 Travelocity Hotel Promotional Card - 349 Swagbucks
  • $25  E-Gift Card - 400 Swagbucks
  • $5 E-Gift Card - 450 Swagbucks
  • $5 Paypal Deposit - 700 Swagbucks
Join Swagbucks to get started! Can you earn 600 Swagbucks in 30 days? (Yes, you can!) Good luck everyone.

Hopefully this will be the first of many challenges we can do together (or at least you can watch me do) enjoy!
Thanks for using the links!

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