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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Opinion Outpost
Make Money Online

Click here to sign up for Opinion Outpost

I have mentioned this before, but I have been having such good luck with them lately that I thought I would mention it again.

Opinion Outpost is a great opportunity to make money online. No you are not going to get rich, but who doesn't want a few extra dollars in their pocket? In the past 4 days I have earned over $13 taking surveys with Opinion Outpost, and you can do it too!

How it works:
  • Sign up (my referral link)
  • Fill out profiles: this is like a pre-screening to see which surveys should be offered to you
  • Take Surveys: Survey opportunities  will be sent directly to the email you sign up with or you can sign in and check your dashboard.
  • Earn rewards: You will get a certain number of "opinion points" for every survey you complete
    • Surveys values will be clearly displayed each point is worth $.10
    • Surveys average about $2 each.
    • Earn $2 for every friend referred who completes 1 survey
  • Claim Rewards
    • Minimum of $5 earned to cash out
    • Get a check sent to you in the mail
    • New! Redeem your points for gift cards (code instantaneously e-mailed to you)
    • New! Redeem your points for a Citi Prepaid Gift Card (accepted like a credit card) can be redeemed as a virtual or a physical gift card

Tricks & Tips to maximizing your Opinion Outpost revenue:
  • Fill out all your profiles, this will increase your chance of getting surveys you will actually qualify for.
  • Surveys go quickly! So check your survey opportunities often, because some fill up quickly and then they're gone
  • Be honest. Who knows what they are looking for? It is too hard to tell so don't bother being dishonest in hopes of getting in to more surveys you will qualify for plenty.
So head on over to Opinion Outpost to start earning your rewards 

Happy Savings

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