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Monday, May 2, 2011

Walgreens 101
Everything Register Rewards

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Walgreen's sure does lure you in with those advertisements in their weekly ad for "after register reward prices" and the good news is that once you learn how to use them then the deals really are as good as they look.

I know that it may not look that tempting at first to spend $3 just to receive a $3 register reward (rr) but that register reward is money in your pocket and can be used on future purchases. The best way to spend RRs is on other items that produce another register reward.

Here's what you need to know to make the most out of shopping with/for register rewards.

What is a Register Reward (RR)?
  • A Register Reward is a manufacturer coupon that prints from the catalina machine (near the register) good toward future purchases.
  • Register Rewards are earned by making qualifying purchases (as seen in your local ad or your favorite blog)
  • Register Rewards print after you have paid for your items. (so don't forget them)

Earning Register Rewards

Register Rewards only print once per transaction (per offer)  -
    • Example: This means if Walgreen's is offering a deal on Toothpaste - receive $1 RR wyb 1 and on Razors - receive $3 RR wyb 1, then you can buy both toothpaste and razors and receive a $1 and a $3 RR but if you buy two packages of razors you will not receive two $3 RRs, but only one, because RRs only print once per transaction. 
    • If you do want to buy multiple razors, you will have to buy each in a separate transaction to make sure you get your register rewards.

    Register Rewards Do Not "Roll" -
    • This means that if you are buying your Gillette razors we mentioned earlier, buy 1 Receive a $3 Register Reward, if you chose to use your $3 RR to buy more razors then another $3 register reward will not print. 
    • However, you can use your $3 RR from razors to buy Toothpaste that produces a register reward. 
    • This also means that if there is a sale the following week on  Gillette shave gel, you will not be able to use the Gillette razor register reward to buy more shave gel.

    You CAN Use a Coupon to Buy an Item That Produces a Register Reward -
    • This doesn't come up too often, but sometimes, for whatever reason, a register reward will not print. A lot of times when you ask the cashier why, they will not know. Many times their response will be, "It's because you used a coupon" Be patient they are mistaken and there are a couple of options. 

    What if My Register Reward Does Not Print?
    • First be patient there are a few options
    • Ask them to ring up your transaction again, to see if it prints.
    • Call a manager (who often trained the cashiers so this isn't always too helpful), but I have heard of managers issuing you a gift card for the register reward when it doesn't print, this is always worth a shot.
    • Call 1-888-8coupon to report you catalina didn't print, if they determine you should have gotten one they will mail it to you promptly.You can also contact online: HERE 
    • Keep your items, and your receipt and if everything fails you can try to return it, however often if you have used coupons, it is not worth it to return something (not all stores will reimburse you for the value of your coupon) 
    Spending Register Rewards

    Register Rewards Cannot Exceed Your Sub-Total
    • If the item you are purchasing is $2.99 you cannot use a $3 register reward, because it is $.01 more than your sub-total. 
    • It is best to add a small item in this situation or use your RR toward a larger purchase.
    • You cannot receive cash back for your register reward
    • Register rewards cannot be  used toward sales tax

    You Can Not Have More Manufacturer Coupons than Items Purchased
    • Register Rewards are manufacturer coupons
    • You can not  buy 1 item and use 2 manufacturer coupons - so if you want to buy Toothpaste with a $1 off coupon and a $2 Register Reward you will need to buy a "filler" 
    • Read about "fillers" HERE
    Can I Use Multiple Register Rewards in 1 (one) Transaction?
    • As Per Above you can use as many register rewards as you wish in a single transaction so long as you do not have more manufacturer coupons than items purchased; remember Register Rewards are manufacturer coupons.
    • You will not be able to use (5) $10 Register Rewards to buy (1) $50 item, unless you buy 4 "fillers" to go along with that purchase to ensure you do not have more RRs than items 
    • Some store managers may chose to limit the number of register rewards accepted in a single transaction
    Register Rewards Cannot be Used to Purchased the Following
    • Prescriptions, Prescriptions Saving Club Membership
    • Tobacco & Alcohol
    • Sales Tax, Lottery tickets Money Orders/ Transfers, Transportation Passes
    • Gift/Phone/Prepaid Cards
    • Dairy
    • This is per the fine print on the register reward, I have heard some stores allow RRs to be used to purchase milk and stamps, so that is a YMMV
      Please Leave a comment if you have any questions I will gladly answer them for you :)

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