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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Walgreens 101
Using Fillers at Walgreen's

If you are going to get in on those great deals at Walgreens you are going to have to master the art of using Register Rewards. Don't worry it is not that hard :)

Why do I need to buy a filler?

  • Walgreen's coupon policy only allows one manufacturer coupon per item purchased. 
  • Register Rewards are Manufacturer coupons. 
  • Therefore when you buy an item using a manufacturer coupon and want to pay the balance with register rewards you will have to use a small filler so that you have an equal number of coupons as items.

  • Razors are $4. 
  • You have a Manufacturer coupon for the razors for $1 off
  • Your balance is now $3
  • You would like to pay the balance with your $3 register reward but, in order to use a second coupon you have to buy a second item. (otherwise the register will just beep and not accept your coupon)
  • Now, you add a pencil for $.08
  • Your balance is now $3.08
  • You can now use your $3 Register Reward
  • Your balance is now $.08 

    The trick to using fillers is to find items that you can use or donate that have a low out of pocket price so that you can use the majority of your register reward toward your purchase.


    1. So how do actually get register rewards?

    2. You earn register rewards by making qualifying purchases, this week buy Crayola Markers are $2, buy 1 and earn a $2 register reward.

      You should read my post about register rewards here:

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