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Monday, May 2, 2011

Walgreens Trip 5/1/2011 Toilet Paper & Razors

Trip Summary
Total Before Sales and Coupons: $161.20
Total Out of Pocket: $27.15
+ Tax $9.98
Total Savings: 83%

Started with $31 in Register Rewards
Ended with $24 in Register Rewards

I admit that if I'd spent more time, I probably could've devised a plan to use more RR in my Cottonelle transactions and have less OOP cost, but I used all my extra time to try and get to church on time and failed miserably LOL. I am pretty pleased with the result, although the oop is high, I am hoping not to have to buy TP for a long while :)

Items Purchased:
10 Cottonelle 12 count pack Bath Tissue
9 Bic Soleil Razors
7 Silly Bandz ($.25 each on clearance, used as filler, no coupon)
2 Fixodent Cleansers
5 G-U-M Flossers
2 Tylenol Precise
3 - 3M Tape ($.39 ea with in ad coupon)
3 Chocolate Coin bags (clearance $.49 each - my daughter loves these)

Check out this Weeks Walgreen's Deals to see what coupons  I used, as well as where the coupons came from.

Did this between 3 locations, I do not like to clear the shelves although I admit that I took the last 2 Fixodent cleansers at one location, the last location didn't have any and we didn't check the first. Also this ended up being 16 transactions.
I used 5 of my bic RR to buy G-U-M flossers and a bunch of $3 rr to buy soleil razors

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