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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gas Station Coupon Finds

So most of us probably use our credit/debit cards at the pump and never even bother to step foot inside the gas station. I on the other hand always run inside to see if there are any great tearpad coupons or other deals going on inside. Usually the tearpads aren't worth using at the gas station, but grab a few to take with you a lot of those coupons turn out to make great deals.

Here are some I have found recently:

  • $1 off 2 Nestle Crunch, Baby Ruth or 100 Grand Bars - expires 7/31 (these will make free candy bars at Kroger next week)
  • $.75 off 1 Smart Water bottl, any size - expires 8/31 (often $1 on sale)

  • $.35 off 1 Dove Chocolate Singles - expires 7/31 ($.04 next week at Walgreen's probably free if your store doubles)
  • $.50 off Power Bar Pure & Simple Energy Bar - expires 12/31 (should be free if your store doubles)
  • $.50 off any 1 Power Bar Product expires 12/31(power bars free now at Kroger's with this coupon)
  • $.50 off 1 Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treat Big Bar, any flavor - expires 12/31
  • $.50 ff 1 - 13.5 oz Simply Beverages - expires 8/30
  • $1 off 2 Marathon Brand Energy or Protein Bars - expires 7/31
  • $.55 off 1 20oz, 24oz, or 1 liter bottle of Dr. Pepper or Dr. Pepper Cherry (regular or diet) - expires 6/30
  • $.55 off 1 Oscar Mayer Lunchables Product
  • $.75 off 1 Box of Nestle Raisinets - expires 8/31
  • $.50 off 1 - 20oz or 16oz Pepsi Max - expires 6/30
  • $.50 off 1 Oreo Cakesters, Oreo Brownies, or any Oreo Cookies Pack 2-3oz - expires 8/31
  • $.50 off 1 Oreo Fudge Cremes 1.63oz Packages - expires 7/31


  1. At what gas stations did you find the powerbar coupons and the rice krispies and the oreo coupons?

  2. I live in south central Indiana, I visit a lot of gas stations between, Columbus, Greenwood, Franklin, Whiteland and Indy.

    I can't remember exactly where all the coupons came from but have had the best luck at the 2 gas stations on exit 95 off I65 in New Whiteland. One is a Loves and the other a Flying J