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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lose Weight For FREE
with Spark People Get a 100% FREE Online Diet

I love so much I wanted to share with you. Obviously I am not dieting right now, since I am expecting, but when I get back to my weight loss goals, it will be with Spark People This is a totally free website that can help you with your weight goals. There are so many pay-to-lose sites out there and this one is totally free and better than most.

CLICK HERE to join!

Favorite Features:

Nutrition Tracker - Track all your calories consumed with thieir amazing list of nearly every food, what they don't have entered you can find user entered or include your own unique food entries. Save foods to your favorites to add easily to your tracker in the future.
  • Meal Plans - chose from Spark People preset meal plans or add your own
  • Water Consumption tracker - just click up or down to add your glasses of water consumed at the top of your nutrition tracker this is a fun one
Fitness Tracker - Choose from thousands of calorie burning activity for an estimate of how many calories you burned, compare to your nutrition tracker to help reach your goals.

Weight Tracker - This is user entered (obviously) record your weight and other measurements to keep track of your progress

Community - they have a forum, or message board style community so you don't have to do it alone (or if you'r rather be on your own, that's fine too!)

Success Stories - Hear from members with incredible success stories to keep you motivated.

Challenge Central - Join members on different calorie, exercise, and other challenges.

Recipes - check out there great list of member added recipes, several of these have become regular entrees/ desserts at our house.

There's a ton more features to the site, and it is all totally free, so before you pay to be a member of an expensive weight loss site, give a try.

CLICK HERE to join. Hope you like it!

Thanks for using the referral link, I get points for referrals, that are not redeemable for anything, but they are fun to add up.

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