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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Making a Stockpile List
Part 2A: Ashley's HBA List

Read these first :)

Making a Stockpile List Part 2: Health & Beauty Aids

Making a Stockpile List Part1: Introduction


Wanted to make sure I showed you my finished product for those who are interested

A few notes:

Retail price is just an estimate. I try to always get 50% off retail when I stockpile something. So for instance I prefer to stock up on children/baby sunblock at $2 but I will still buy it (if we need it) if it is $4.50 or 50% off retail. Some of these are common sale prices also and not regular retail (in case some look a bit low)

Preferred Brand: I don't have a lot of preferred brands where HBA is concerned, I have listed those brands which I don't waiver on. Some of these things can be stockpiled for less if you don't have brand loyalty, especially disposable razors these are free after coupons, but I like my brand.

Stock up Quantity: Again these are just estimates I don't have it down to a science how much floss we will go through in  a given time. Where the * is listed I don't really stock up on these items, but may only buy them when they are at my stock up price.

Remember that when stocking up with coupons, almost everything is brand name. I am buying Biore cleansers for $1 and Almay make up remover. I am careful with what I put on my skin and you don't have to get the cheap stuff to build a stockpile.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions :)

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