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Friday, March 2, 2012

Furnishing My Home for Less!

Okay, I have a small space and a lot of people, with my 5 month old daughter's favorite lounge place being the couch, we just do not have enough seats. So I am determined to get a chair for the living room, for much, much less than retail.

I chose because they have great shipping rates, and a great selection, and unlike my other favorite online spot, they have coupon codes!

So this chair retails for $285, and I am hoping to get it for about 60% off. My husband and I have been working hard on our Swagbucks and recently ordered $100 in gift cards to Overstock so that will be the bulk of it. So glad they let us have more than one account per household!

Sale: The chair is on sale right now for 10% off (not sure how long that will last) so it is currently $256.49. Here's my strategy.

Retail Price: $284.99
Less $28.50 = Sale Price $256.49
Less 12% coupon code = $225.71
Less $15.00 Club O Trial Membership Balance = $210.71
Less $100 Swagbucks Gift Cards = $110.71 (Final Price)
Free shipping is included with my free club trial.

Plus a lot of prayer! Hoping this works out. I know it would be smarter to perhaps buy used, but after having everything used and falling apart for the last 5 years, I like to buy furniture new when I can, plus craigslist was a total bust, nicest chair I saw was an hour away (one way), so if I can get this chair for the above price, I still get a better deal. I will let you all know if it works out :)

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