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Saturday, June 11, 2011

30 Day Swagbucks Challenge

Read about the 30 day Swagbucks Challenge HERE

Sign up for Swagbucks here and get 30 swagbucks just for signing up!

Hope you had fun with the 30 day Swagbucks Challenge. The goal of the challenge was to try and win just 20 Swagbucks a day. I chose 20 because it seemed like an easily achievable number and I wanted you to see how easy it is to earn Swagbucks. Plus if you earn just 20 Swagbucks a day you could redeem up to $80 dollars in Amazon dollars each year, and it takes just moments a day to earn 20 Swagbucks.

Here is a review of how I did for my 30 days. I admit, I usually neglect my swagbucks account, now that I have it on my mind I can’t believe how quickly the swagbucks accumulated. Over the 30 days I earned 1,944 Swagbucks! Enough to redeem $20 in Amazon gift cards!
Some days I put more time into it than others. My lowest day I won just 10 Swagbucks and on my highest day I earned 123 Swagbucks.

Here is how they added up
  • Swagbucks TV = 870 (29/ day average)
  • Searching = 541 (18/day average)
  • Daily Bonuses (poll, trusted survey etc) = 142 (4/day average)
  • Special Offers = 93
  • Surveys = 190
  • Tasks = 90
  • Games = 18

Review of different ways to win/earn Swagbucks:

  • Searching/ Daily Bonus - You could definitely make 20 Swagbucks a day with just searching and your daily bonus swagbucks. This was the absolute fastest way to earn swagbucks for me. I could do all five of the daily wins (trusted survey visit, NOSO, daily poll, toolbar) and search in less than 2 minutes.
  • Swagbucks TV - This was easy for me, because I spend a few hours on the computer each day working on the blog, so it was no big deal to have it playing in the background (on mute). It was really convenient to have it on the toolbar. I think I will be using Swagbucks TV from now on. 
  • Special offers - This didn’t have much to offer me, but from time to time, they have videos you can watch for 1 or 2 swagbucks, worth checking for. 
  • Surveys - These are a bit time consuming but definitely worth the swagbucks when you get the time. 
  • Tasks - This was the first time that I tried the tasks. The ones I did were quite simple and your reward turned up right away, which I liked. These too took a little more time, than other earning methods, but if you find yourself with nothing to do, or trying to earn some more swag, this is can be a very easy way to earn Swagbucks.
  • Games - Games were a bit fun, but I admit I seem to be too busy to do these on a daily basis. You can win up to 10 Swagbucks each day by playing games (2 swagbucks at a time) but it is a bit random and there is no way to tell when you will win or not win Swagbucks.
I hope you don't miss out on this great legitimate opportunity to make money online. You aren't going to get rich quick or anything, but how about an extra $100 Amazon cash for Christmas?

Remember you can get 30 Swagbucks instantly just for signing up. Sign up HERE

See you on our next 30 day challenge!


Here are my daily totals for those who are interested.
Day 1 – 32 Total bucks
Day 2 – 31 Total bucks
Day 3 – 38 Points
Day 4 – 49 Bucks
Day 5 – 55 Bucks
Day 6 – 25 bucks
Day 7 – 62 Bucks
Day 8 – 59 Bucks
Day 9 – 76 Bucks
Day 10 – 72 Bucks
Day 11 – 43 Bucks
Day 12 – 114 Bucks
Day 13 – 101 Bucks
Day 14 – 123 Bucks
Day 15 – 108 Bucks
Day 16 – 33 Bucks
Day 17 – 52 Bucks
Day 18 – 10 Bucks
Day 19 – 42 Bucks
Day 20 – 11 Bucks
Day 21 – 48 Bucks
Day 22 – 36 Bucks
Day 23 – 61 Bucks
Day 24 – 107 Bucks
Day 25 – 46 Bucks
Day 26 – 115 Bucks
Day 27 – 91 Bucks
Day 28 – 111 Bucks
Day 29 – 114 Bucks
Day 30 – 76 Bucks


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