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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shopping Trip Cancelled Due to Severe Weather

This building was just down the block from my house

My husband was working out in the yard yesterday and I was waiting for him to come in so I cold make a run to Walgreens and I thought I might go to Walmart as well. He finished up the gardening just as the wind kicked up, it was so sudden and severe we decided we'd watch the news in the basement (my kids have a little playroom down there) to see how bad the weather would be.

We only ended up in the basement for about 20 minutes, but when we came up we found the building down the block had been destroyed (it had been abandoned for some time) luckily no one was hurt. Our neighborhood also had quite a few down power lines, and it looks like a lot of people were without power overnight.

Suddenly Walgreen's doesn't look so important. I think it was just straight line winds, and the severe weather only lasted a few minutes but it did lots of damage around town, hope all my local readers faired well :)

Don't worry, so far as I know, both our local Walgreens made it out okay :)

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