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Friday, May 20, 2011

Meijer Trip 5/19

Trip Summary
Total Before coupons and Sales: $141.99
Total Out of Pocket:  $14.63
Total Savings: 90%

Items Purchased:
27 Bottles Old Orchard Juice 64oz
17 Bottles Simply Lemonade 13.5oz
20 Lunchable (mostly subs)
6 Duncan Hines Brownies
1 Little Debbie Coffee Cake (1.79 - no coupon just wanted it :)
3 LA Looks Gel

Cashiers missed $2.00 in coupons overall, we noticed but decided to just let it go this time...

Click HERE to see this weeks Meijer Deals (Central IN region) to see coupons used and sources.

To make the most of Meijer's double coupon policy we split this into 9 transactions. Meijer will only double the first 2 like coupons and the rest will be redeemed at face value, but they were really friendly about letting us (me and the hubby) do 2 transactions at a time. Went to 2 locations and left plenty of stock behind.

We don't have a Meijer too close to us, but since the print limit on the juice coupon was 6 and I had some from when they were on, plus my 4 free coupons that came in the mail today, I couldn't help but head out to stock up on juice for the entire summer for the kiddos. Doubt if Meijer will see me again for a long time, but I did have some fun, and my kids were excellently behaved, very nice :)

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