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Friday, April 29, 2011

Wal-Mart Trip 4/28/2011

Was hoping for some more propel waters but that did not pan out, still made out pretty well though.

Trip Summary: 
Total Before Coupons: $38.85
Total Out of Pocket $5.85
Total Savings: 85%

Items Purchased: 
8 Kotex Liners
4 Reach Floss
2 Crest Mouthwash 1 Liter
1 Tide Travel Size
2 Gain dish soap (free with q from home mailer)
4 Bic Comfort 3 Razor 4 packs
1 Oreo Fudge Cremes ($1.98 after coupon)

Check out the current list of Wal-mart Deals HERE to see the coupons used and sources.
Happy Saving :)

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