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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekly Menu Series

Another New Series!
I try to do my grocery shopping every Saturday so starting this week I will be sharing my weekly menu with you for my family of four. I have been doing whatever was easiest as we got through the holiday season but am looking forward to cooking again, eating meaningful meals with my family around the table, trying to eat healthier and save money along the way. (and of course sharing it with you)

  • 7 day menus including breakfast lunch and dinner
  • My weekly grocery list based off this menu including coupons used

Save Money with Menu Planning
So one of the basic ways of saving money on groceries is to make a weekly menu which you will then base your grocery list on. If your list exceeds your weekly budget you may have to tweak your menu accordingly. Most importantly don't go over the budget, and maybe when you come in under budget you can save your savings, or splurge on a steak dinner for the family next week :)
Here is hoping that my menus give you a bit of inspiration for your own home and I wouldn't mind hearing some ideas from all of you.

Influencing my Menu
  • I am trying to serve more vegetables, fruits, and more whole grains in my home so bear with me as I try to reach a reasonable balance with this.
  • I have a picky toddler with a nut allergy and an 8 month old who is starting to eat table foods.

Check this post :)

I will try and update this post with a link to my weekly menu post each week so you can come back and flip through weeks of menus easily. Should be interesting seeing what we ate at the end of the year.

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