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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Disney Movie Rewards

Here is a rewards program you are going to like if you are a fan of Disney Movies or Disney Music.

How to Earn Rewards
  1. Buy Disney DVDs and Blu Rays - (Enter Codes found inside package online)
  2. See Disney Movies in the Theater (Upload pictures of your ticked stubs)
  3. Buy Disney Cds - (validate cd  purchase online)
Rewards Available
Members can chose from lots of different items including, stickers (275 pts), Snapfish Photo Products,  DVDs, (550pts) toys, Bikes (4400 points) and a variety of other rewards

Member Exclusives
There are a few really cute rewards available for 0 points, plus there are frequent coupons for new Disney DVD & Blu-Ray  up to $10 off. Also enjoy occasional promotional codes in your inbox, no purchase necessary.

Things to look out for
Disney Movie Reward did a promotion for the 25 days leading up to Christmas where you could redeem a promotional code every day.

Click here to visit Disney Movie Rewards to join today :)

Part of the Reap Your Rewards Series

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