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Monday, December 13, 2010

Walgreens Deals
12/12 - 12/18

 JC = Jingle Cash (Walgreens is calling their Register Rewards - Jingle Cash for the holiday season)

Free or Better

Hallmark Christmas Money Holders 3/$2.00 (with in ad coupon)
Receive $5 JC wyb 6
Final Price: $1 Money Maker

Goody Hair Accessories $2.00
Receive $2.00 JC wyb 1
6-12pk Bobby Pin Slides or Barrettes
12 or 17pk Ouchless Elastics
Final Price: FREE

Bayer Contour USB or Didget Blood Glucose Monitor $9.99
$20.00 off 1 Contour USb from  10/31RP  
Final Price: FREE

Bic Comfort 3 Disp Razors 4ct (BOGO Free) $3.99
$2.00 off 1 from 12/12SS
Final Price: FREE  wyb 2

Activ-On Joint & Muscle or Arthritis Pain Relief $7.99
Receive $7.99 JC wyb 1
Final Price: FREE

Just for Men Hair Color $5.99 (with in ad coupon)
$2.00 off 1 PRINT HERE
MIR HERE up to $9.50
Final Price: FREE

Great Deals Under $2!

Mars Candy Bar Singles $0.39 (with in ad coupon)
$0.50 off 2 PRINT HERE
Final Price: $.14 each wyb 2

Blistex Lip Care $0.99 (Balm or Medex)
$0.55/1 from 11/14SS
$0.25 off 1 Lip Care from 11/14SS
Final Price: $.44 each

Renuzit Odor Neutralizer - Glade Relaxing Moments Spray BOGO FREE $2.99 (with in ad coupon)
$1.50 off 2 Glade Spray PRINT HERE
$1.00 off 1 Renuzit PRINT HERE
$1.00 off 1 Glade Spray from 12/5RP or Good HK Mag Oct or All You Sept
Final Price: as low as $.49 each

Lindsay Olives $0.99 5-6oz (with in ad coupon)
$1.00 off 2 from Cooking Light Mag (Oct '10) or Family Circle Mag (Sept '10)
$1.00 off 2 from 4/18RP or PRINT HERE
Final Price: as low as $.49 each wyb 2

Dove or Degree $1.99 (with in ad coupon)
$1.50 off 1 PRINT HERE
Final Price:  $.49 each

Softsoap or Ivory Liquid and 3pk Bar soap $0.99 (with in ad coupon)
$0.50 off 1 Softsoap from All You Mag (Nov '10)
$0.25 off 1 Ivory from 11/28 P&G
Final Price: as low as $.49 each (for Softsoap)

Campbell's Soup $0.69 (with in ad coupon)
Cream of Chicken or Mushroom
$0.40 off 2 from 12/12SS
$1.00/4 PRINT HERE
$0.25 off 4 from  11/7SS
Final Price: as low as $.44 each

Chocolate Bars 2/$3.00
Lindt or Ritter - Ghirardelli - Toblerone - Dove
$1.00/2 Toblerone Walgreens Dec
$1.00/2 Toblerone 11/21SS
$0.75/1 Ghirardelli PRINT HERE
$0.50/1 Ghirardelli PRINT HERE
Final Price: as low as $.50 each

Swanson Broth or Campbell's Chicken or Turkey Gravy 2/$1.00 (with in ad coupon)
$0.35 off 4 Gravy from 11/7SS
$0.50 off 5 Broth from 11/7SS
Final Price: as low as $0.41ea (for gravy)

Progresso Soup $0.99
$1.00 off 4 from 12/5GM or 11/21SS or 10/3GM or 11/14GM
Final Price: $0.74ea wyb 4

Holiday M&M's 4/$10.00
Receive $5.00 JC wyb 4
$1.00 from 2 11/14 RP
$2.00 from 3 12/5 RP
Final Price:: as low as $0.75ea

Baking Items 2/$3.00 (with in ad coupon)

$0.75/1 Warm Delights 10/24SS
Final Price: $0.75ea for Warm Delights

Walgreens Facial Tissue $0.99 (sale)
80, 100 or 200 sheets
Final Price: $0.99

Select General Mills Cereal $1.99
Lucky Charms
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Honey Nut Cheerios
(lim 4)
$1.00/1 Cheerios
$0.55/1 Honey Nut Cheerios
$0.55/1 Cinn Toast Crunch
$1.00/2 Cinn Toast Crunch, Cheerios and others
$1.00/2 Cinn Toast Crunch and others
$1.00/2 Cheerios
$1.00/2 Gen Mills Cereal or 11/14 GM
Final Price: as low as $0.99 (for Cheerios)

Splenda 100 packets or Granulated 3.8oz $2.99

$2.00 off 1 Splenda with fiber  from 11/7 RP (if included)
$1.00 off 1 11/7 RP or PRINT HERE
Final Price: as low as $0.99

Finesse 7-13oz  or Prell 13.5oz $1.99 (with in ad coupon)

$1.00/1 Finesse 10/24 SS
Final Price: as low as $0.99

Noxzema 3-4ct Disp Razors or Shave Cream BOGO FREE
$2.00 off 1 found in package
$1.00 off 1 found  in package
Final Price: Varies

Just for Me! No lye relaxer kit $4.99
Soft & Beautiful Botanicals Relaxer
Kit or Texturizer
*Receive $4.00 JC wby 1
Final Price: $0.99

Huggies Wipes 64 or 72ct 2 for $5.00

$1.00 off 2 Walgreens December coupon Booklet
$1.00 off 1 PRINT HERE
Final Price: $1.00each wyb 2

Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix 2/$3.00 (with in ad coupon)
$1.00 off 2 PRINT HERE
$0.40 off 1 from 12/5GM or 11/21SS or 11/14GM or PRINT HERE or HERE
Final Price: $1.00 each

Nestle Chocolate 2/$5.00
Butterfinger Miniatures
Butterfinger Jingles
$1.00/2 Jingles or Butterfinger Walgreens December Coupon Booklet
$1.50 OFF 2 Jingles PRINT HERE
$1.00 off 1 Jingles PRINT HERE
Final Price: $1.00ea

Sunsweet Apricots 2/$4.00
$0.75 off 1 from 12/5SS
Final Price: $1.25ea

Spam  $1.99
$1.50 off 3 Spam from 10/31SS
Final Price: $1.49each

SunMaid Raisins 2/$4.00
$1.00 off 2 from 11/7 SS
Final Price: $1.50ea

Mars or Dove Minis 2/$6.00
Receive $2.00 JC wyb 2
$1.00 off 2 Mars from 11/14 RP
$1.00 off 3 Mars 11/14RP (exp 12/13)
$0.55off 1 Dove Promises from All You Mag (Dec '10)
Final Price: as low as $1.45ea

Colgate Toothpaste $2.49
$1.00 off 1 from 12/5 SS
$0.75/1 Max White PRINT HERE
Final Price: $1.49

Pantene Shampoo/Conditioner $5.99
Receive $2.00 JC wyb 1
$1.00 off 1 from  P&G Everyday Savings Booklet
FREE Shampoo wyb Full Size Product from 11/28 P&G
$1.00 off 2 any from 11/28 P&G
$1.00 off 1 Essence Mag Nov
Final Price: $1.49ea

Sticker Books, Puzzles or Activity Books BOGO FREE$2.99
Toy Story
Disney Princesses
Final Price: $1.49ea

2L Coca Cola 2/$3.00
(lim 4)
Final Price: $1.50ea

Blue Diamond Almonds 6oz 2/$4.00
$0.50/1 Product
$0.75/2 Almonds 12/5SS or 10/10SS
$0.60/2 Oven Roasted 12/5SS or 10/10SS
$0.60/2 Almonds 12/5SS or 10/10SS
Final Price: $1.50ea

Real Soft Wipes or Bath Tissue 
Final Price: $1.50ea (with in ad coupon)

Cookie Tins or Containers 2/$3.00
Final Price: $1.50ea

Luden's Cough or Throat Drops 2 for $3.00 (with in ad coupon)
30ct (lim 4)
Final Price: $1.50ea

Magic Stretch Gloves or Knit Hat 2/$3.00
Final Price: $1.50ea

Great Fillers this Week (Read about fillers HERE)

Christmas Candy $0.99
Novelty Items
Final Price: $0.99

Sharpie Markers $0.99  (with in ad coupon)
2pk (
Final Price: $0.99

Votive Candles 6 for $1.00 (with in ad coupon)
Final Price: $.16 each (great filler)

Russell Stover 0.87-1.25oz or Whitman's 1oz

Final Price: $0.29

Hunt's Tomato Sauce 8oz 3/$1.00 (with in ad coupon)
Final Price: $0.33ea

Mini 146 Pack Sticker or Puzzle Book
Final Price: $0.39 (with in ad coupon)

Scotch Mailers $0.39 (with in ad coupon)
4x7 or 10x15 
Final Price: $0.39

Walgreens 75pk Straws or 24pk Cutlery
Final Price: $0.39 (with in ad coupon)

Coffee Filters 100ct  
Final Price: $0.39ea (with in ad coupon)

Madam Mandarin Oranges or Geisha Mushrooms

Final Price: $0.39 (with in ad coupon)

Jell-O 2/$1.00 (with in ad coupon)
Reg or Sugar Free 
Final Price: as low as $.50each

Christmas Candy 2/$1.00
Single or 3 pk Peeps
Hershey's Santa or Reese's Tree
Sweet Time Giant Candy Ple
Final Price: as low as $.50 each

Chicken of the Sea
Final Price: $0.69ea (with in ad coupon)

Green Giant Canned Vegetables
Final Price: $0.59 (with in ad coupon)

Select Candy $0.79
Haviland Thin Mints
Lindt Lindor Truffles
Ferrara Pan Spice Drops
Ferrara Trees & Santas
Final Price: $0.79

2 Liter Select Soda $0.89 (with in ad coupon)
Dr. Pepper, 7UP, A&W, Sunkist
Canada Dry or Hawaiian Punch
Final Price: $0.89

Ajax Dish Liq 16oz   
Final Price: $0.89 (with in ad coupon)

Walgreens Cups or Plates $0.99
20 or 51pk Hot/Cold Cups
72ct Paper Plates
Final Price: $0.99

Joybrite Candy Canes $0.99 13ct or 40ct minis

(lim 6)
Final Price: $0.99 (with weekly ad coupon)

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