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Monday, September 20, 2010

$15 High Chair:
How I Spent my Swagbucks

The Story: So... my nearly 5 month old son needs a high chair. Originally I thought I would just move my 21 month old daughter to the table and he could have her (albeit pink) high chair, but it turns out my daughter still needs her high chair. So I went out (coupons in hand) in search of the above pictured high chair, I visited Kmart, Target, BabiesRus, Wal-mart, & Buy Buy Baby, and none of them had this Scatterbug version of the high chair. You had your choice of pink or brown. The brown one was perfectly nice but I liked this one better.

So I decided to order it on, it was $5 cheaper than in stores, and even after coupons was only going to cost me an additional $2 since there was no tax online. I have been slowly accumulating Swagbucks since January and I had $30+ (already spent $25). So I decided to spend it on the high chair.

Here is a pic of my invoice: $34.75 in gift cards and I only paid $15.24 for my high chair, yay!!

They were originally estimating I would get it between October 15 and January 2011. There was no way I could wait that long, so I thought I would have to cancel my order and get it from some place else, but the day I went to cancel I was informed it had shipped. It arrived 5 days after I placed my order.

I love watching the swagbucks add up, and have used them to buy books, fitness dvds, and other things I was shopping for. So what will you spend your swagbucks on??


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