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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cheap butter at Kroger this week!

Last week at Kroger was busy, busy, lots of items that my family often uses for free or pennies on the dollar. This week I will not be seeing as much of Kroger except to redeem a raincheck for those ever elusive chex mix bars I couldn't get a hold of last week.

This week I will be stocking up on butter. Here is the break down.
Country crock spread 2 packs of the 8 ounce tubs are $1 this week.
Using a $.40 off any Country Crock butter coupon from there website butter will be a mere $.20 after Kroger doubles the coupon.

So one more time
Country crock butter      $1.00
Printable coupon               -$.40
double coupon savings     -$.40
Grand total     $.20

It really is that easy to save 80% on butter! Also going to pick up a few Dannon Greek Yogurt for $.30 after coupons.

Hope you find some savings near you!

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