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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Under $2 Kids Books from Amazon!

Browsing through Amazon trying to find some books for my kids and I thought I would share some cheap finds with you all. Books are so expensive, and while my kids are so little I don't like to spend a ton of money getting them books that they will ultimately destroy. It is nice to find a good deal on a book that you don't mind letting your very young child read on their own.

So anyway here is what I found that seemed most interesting

In Your Dreams: A Mini Animotion Book  1.96!
List price is $9.99 - Save 80%

List price is $13.99 so you save 89%
seems like a pretty simple board book but nice price if your kids are familiar with these characters or like trucks

List price is $12.99 so you save 86%
I know this is off season, but isn't that when you always get the best deals?

List price is $13.95 so you save 87%
Story on this looks cute enough for my toddlers, plus I am pretty obsessed with stories in rhyme, makes them that much more fun for my kids and makes them easier to remember, which is important when you are too young to read.

List price on this is $9.95 so you save 87%
This is geared for older kids but looks like a fun bedtime read

List Price on this is $7.98 so you save 60%

Okay this one isn't under $2 but I love the first look and find board books so I had to include this awesome deal. They have a selection of these at Barnes and for $3.99

Well hope you see something you like :)


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