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Friday, October 28, 2011

Swagbucks TV Double the Limit!

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Wow this is awesome news now through the end of the calendar year Swagbucks is doubling the limit on how many times you can win with Swagbucks TV.

Previously the total number of times you could win 3 swagbucks was 25, meaning you could get up to 75 Swagbucks a day with SwagbuckTV. Now through the end of the year they have doubled the amount of wins to 50 per day meaning you can earn up to 150 Swagbucks EVERY DAY just by using swagbucks TV. Remember it only takes 450 swagbucks to earn a $5 Amazon gift card!

How Swagbucks TV Works:
If you don't know already Swagbucks TV is filled with lots of brief video clips, from a wide array of topics. There really is something for everyone. I like to watch the clips from the food network and my husband enjoys the DIY clips and as an added plus every time you watch a total of 10 videos you win 3 swagbucks! Remember you must at least watch the first 30 seconds of a video for it to count toward your total (don't worry the ads count towards your 30 seconds).

I know winning 50 times a day means watching at least 30 seconds of 500 videos but, if you are home near a computer all day it might be possible. I usually do Swagbucks TV when the little one stays up until 3am. I have been doing pretty well at getting my 25 wins so I am excited to see how well I can do with this new limit, good luck to all of you!

If you are not a member click here to get 30 swagbucks when you sign up. Remember it is totally free and you get prizes just for earning swagbucks!

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