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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Time for a Binder...

Just wanted to share this with you for fun. Okay so here is a picture of all my coupons. Believe it or not I have not made the plunge to a binder. But after Marsh Triples I got unorganized in a way I cannot seem to recover from.

What is all that stuff?

  • The box with the folders houses all my uncut inserts whole. I usually keep my inserts whole and only cut them when I am preparing for a shopping trip. 
  • The black box has just the coupons I took with me to Marsh Triples that I never used.

  • The red shoe box, used to be where I stored all my cut/found/traded coupons into 55 categories. but I quickly outgrew it and couldn't keep up with sorting all the coupons into the box, and when i was getting all my coupons sorted in a timely fashion the box could not house them all.

  • Then there is that shoe box, my favorite lol. I believe the story behind this one is that I had a bunch of cut coupons and coupon booklets on the table and needed a quick way to clean them up, so I put them in this empty box until they could be sorted. Now I always put my coupons in there until they can be sorted, but have altogether stopped emptying the box.
  • Not pictured: whoops I forgot this one, yes another place where I have my coupons! I have a small drawer set that I recently decided to put whole cut inserts into, labeled the drawers by date and thought that I had solved all my problems.... I liked this alright, and I am not totally oppossed to it, but

My Binder

So I finally bought a binder from Amazon.

I am was unwilling to spend a lot of money here (even though it is definitely worth it) so I cashed in some Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks and Opinion Outpost and purchased the following.

30 - 9-Pocket Sheet Protectors (for trading Cards) $8.99 (apparently the price dropped $.59 since my purchase) These are a little expensive but I didn't want to get 100 sheets so I went with this one.

3 Inch Zipper Binder by Case It $18.99 - This does not have a D ring which I really wanted, but it is gender neutral which is crucial with the hubby helping and has a strap and some pockets on the inside so I am hoping it last a while.

20 - 8 Pocket Sheet Protectors (Top Load / Horizontal Slots) $8.18 each. I purchased 2 sets of these for a total of 70 pages. I am dividing my binder into 40 sections so I have no idea if this will be enough sheets or not.

I also purchased 4 packs of 5 plastic write on dividiers I believe I had 15 on hand. So I may have to get a few more of these. Paid $2.50 per pack so my total out of pocket for the binder was $10 plus tax.

Now the Challenge

There are just 27 days left til my due date (expecting a baby girl, to join my 15 month old son and 2 and 1/2 year old daughter) and I haven't even started working on this binder yet. I initially stated that I wanted all my coupons in the binder before the baby came, but now I am thinking any progress on this binder will be a miracle.

I will definitely post a few articles along the way so those of you who want to get your coupons into a binder can do that along with me. It's a lot of coupons to cut with just a month to go, but I am excited to have all  my coupons in one place.

Well hopefully we will get started with a series of post on building a binder, and don't worry I haven't forgotten about the 30 day challenge. I will post my final update soon!

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