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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Where I've Been

Anybody out there miss me? :)

Sorry if things around the site have been kind of slow lately, keeping those deals coming takes a lot of time and work and lately it's been a bit harder to do.

I am 34 weeks pregnant and am averaging oh, three doctors appointments a week (don't worry I'm not high risk or anything) but I am having some mobility issues and am seeing a physical therapist in addition to my regular appointments. It is helping me a lot most days.

Between trying to get ready for baby (I am not sure why this didn't seem imminent until now) and taking care of my home and family, getting ready for my sisters wedding and taking care of this blog, some days I am finding myself stretched a bit too thin.

Lately I have had a few days where I have just been exhausted and needed rest so, don't worry things will be back to normal around here soon, I am doing my best to keep up on the store match ups. I will still post deals whenever I can but at least through the weekend please excuse me if things are a little bit slower than normal.

Hoping to be back to myself by Monday. Thanks for reading :) I appreciate each and every person who visits this site.



  1. Hey Ashley!! Hope you are doing ok--and don't worry about us! :) Your health and baby's health come 1st! Hope you and your fam are doing great! And congrats to your sister! Take care!

  2. Hey Ashley,
    I've missed you, but mostly the in person chats!! Thank you for posting the ice cream deal at Marsh. I picked some up for Emily's birthday on Wednesday. Let me know if baby comes early and you need a sitter for your two cuties while you and Rob labor or just let me know when you need our prayers to help you on your day of excitement!! Carmen

  3. Thanks Maureen!

    Carmen it makes me so happy that you were able to use a deal I posted for Emily's birthday! (wish her a happy birthday from us)
    And thanks for the offer, we'll call if we need you, but I am hoping this baby stays put for a while.