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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Recyclebank up to 105 FREE Points

If you don't have a Recyclebank account you really ought to get one. This is a great free site where you can earn points for participating in environmentally friendly activities. There are a variety of ways to earn prizes and they sometimes have opportunities to earn points by doing very simple things like taking pledges or quizzes. Then you can redeem the points for amazing coupons, or other prizes.

Click here to sign up

65 Free Points

First Sign in to your Recyclebank Account HERE

Then visit Green Your Vacation HERE

Click on the different objects to take pledges and answer questions to earn points. Click on all the moving objects and the clouds to earn 65 points!

25 Free Points

Visit Pampers Lean and Earn HERE or under the Earn Points tab on your Recyclebank Account for a chance to take a quiz and earn 25 points

(Possible) 15 Free Points
There are 3 - 1 Question quizzes on the right hand side of the Recyclebank page, answer each and earn 5 points for each one you have not answered before!

Here are some great prizes you can redeem with your new points

60 points: $1 off 1 Honest Tea Print at Home Coupon (makes it free most places)
125 Points: Free 2 Cans Friskies Cat Food (daily deal)
125 Points: FREE 2 cans of Fancy Feast® Delights Cat Food, -
200 Free Happy Family Brand Product

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