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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Marsh Trip 6/12/11 = 94% savings!

Trip Summary
Total Before Sales & Coupons: $44.64
Total Out of Pocket: $2.77
Total Savings: 94%

So like many of you I am sure, I cashed in big on the Mega Sale Marsh had going last week. After all of it I ended up with a whopping $35 in $5 coupons. I was really hoping for another great week at Marsh so that I could make the most of my coupons, but I admit that I wasn't too thrilled when I finally got the sales paper. In fact seems like a slow newsweek at most of my local grocery stores. However, there was no way I would let those coupons expire so I went in and made the most of it. Here is how it turned out.

Items Purchased: 
2 Hershey's Chocolate Milk Singles  $1.25 each (-$.50/1 tearpad) = $.25 each
4 On The Border Tortilla Chips  $2.50 (- $.55/1 printable) = $1.95 each
Bananas $1.30
2 Gallons Milk $2.89 each
1 Half Gallon Milk $2.09
1 - Marsh Gift Card $20

I decided to try and purchase a gift card so I could spend the money I 'earned' last week at a later date, when there were better deals. There were no restrictions against buying gift cards on the coupons, so I wasn't sure how it would go. Truthfully, it went fine, cashier said as long as it didn't go negative the coupons should scan. My last 2 -$5 coupons did not scan, but he called someone and I even heard him mention that I bought a gift card, but he did some magic and all my coupons came off. Very pleased with Marsh again.

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