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Monday, May 16, 2011

Walgreens Trip 5/15/11

Snuck out while my sick kiddos were sleeping to get in on the Walgreen's deals, didn't even realize til I got home that my Dove RR didn't print, hopefully I can get it all cleared up with the catalina people, I hate returning stuff I paid for with coupons.

Trip Summary:
Total Before Sales and Coupons:  $104.73
Total Out of Pocket: $4.78
Total Savings: 95%

Items Purchased: 
6 Gillette Body Wash
6 Gillette Deodorant
6 Royal Gelatin
15 Dove Candy Bars
1 Aquafresh Training Toothpaste
2 Finish Dishwashing Tabs
3 Dove Deodorant

Check out this weeks Walgreens Deals to see what coupons were used, as well as coupon sources.

Cashiers were great, but Gillette rang up funny (less than I expected) so my transactions didn't go exactly as planned. Plus, I didn't get my $9 in Register Rewards. So assuming that the Catalina company mails me those register rewards this was a great trip.

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