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Friday, January 7, 2011

My 1/5/2011 Walgreens Trips

Trip Summary
Total Before Sales and Coupons: $214.05
Total Out of Pocket: $50.39
+Tax $10.40
Total Savings: $163.66 or 76%

Plus I got 7 FREE Breathe Right Strips Coupons ($52.43 value)
and I still have $9 in register rewards left

Overall I made a small profit and am very happy, since we wanted to get our daughter some pull ups. 

Here is what I got

7 Oscilloccoccinum Children's medicine (on sale for $9)
6 Huggies Pull-ups (on sale for ($7)
6 Glad Trash Bags (on sale for $7)
2 Pop Up Books (on clearance $.24)
Plus some Christmas clearanced candy 

Here is how my transactions broke down. I basically had 2 transactions I just repeated.

Transaction 1

Oscilloccoccinum Children's medicine $8.99
used $2 off 1 coupon
Paid $6.99 (+tax)
Received $9 RR
Received coupon for Free Breathe Right Strips (up to $7.49)

Transaction 2

Huggies Pull ups $6.99
Glad Trash Bags (45ct) $6.99
Filler candy $.12
Coupons used
$2 off 1 coupon for pull ups
$2 off 1 coupon for Trash bags
$1 off 1 Walgreens coupon for Trash bags
$9 Register Reward earned in Trans #1
Paid $.10 (+ tax)

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