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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

P&G Health: Donate Clean Drinking Water!!

**You can submit your email on this once each day. After you confirm you email address the first time, you won’t need to again!

I am so excited to be a part of this.

I am hoping Save With Ashly and it's readers can donate at least 100 days of drinking water! Tis the season of giving and we should always be thinking of others and what a great and simple way to help someone in need. You can use your same email everyday and donate water each and every day and I hope you will!

Once you enter your email address in the above form, and Click to Donate you will receive and email from P&G immediately, follow the instructions to confirm you email address. You will only need to do this once after that you can use the same email address everyday without having to confirm.

That's it you just donated 2L to a person in a developing country through P&G’s Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program! Best of all it is totally FREE to participate!

Please email this to your friends and family and post it on your facebook to help with this cause!

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