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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lowe's Last Minute Gift-a-Thon

 Here is what it says on Lowe's Facebook Page:

Event will start December 17 at 9am and end the 19th at 11pm

We're doing it AGAIN? YES. It's another Lowe's party on Facebook! With more 90% off values -- and fewer technological adventures. Enjoy the thrill of the hunt? Go after our limited 90% off values! But we'll also have something for every fan who shows up -- from GREAT party favors to 20% off values to ... a urinal? 

I am pretty excited, and will be definitely be on the Lowe's facebook page trying to get some deals, last time it looks like they gave out % off codes for specific products as well as $10 gift certificates. Good luck to all.

Thanks for the heads up MoJoSavings 

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