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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My 11/1 Walgreens Trip

Summary of all Transactions:

Total before coupons and sales:  $201.63
Total Out of Pocket $16.80
+ $9.80 tax
Total Saved $184.83 or 92%
Register Rewards Remaining: $15

Items purchased: (Started with no RRs)

10 Vicks Sinex ($5)
8 Gillette Deodorant ($3.99)
4 Zarbees Childrens Cough Syrup ($5.99)
5 Infant's Advil ($5.49)
2 Children's Advil ($6.99)
2 Vicks Dayquil ($5)
1 Cottonelle Wipes ($1.99)
6 Russel Stover Chocolate Pumpkins ($.25 ea on clearance)
2 Butterfinger Snackers $.50

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Favorite Transaction:
8 Gillette Deodorant @ $3.99 ea            = 31.92
2 Russel Stover Pumpkins @ $.25 ea   =     .50
2 Butterfinger Snackers @ $.50 ea        =  1.00
Sub-Total                                                        = 33.42

Coupons used
(8) $2 off 1 Gillette Deodorant              - 16.00
(2) $6 RR (Zarbees)                                   - 12.00
(1) $5 RR (Vicks)                                          - 5.00 
New Subtotal                                                    $.42

Received $10 Register Rewards (for buying $30 in P&G products)


Can't believe it is November already, but with that comes cold and flu season and lots of great deals on medicine, lip balm and lotions. I am all stocked up on lotion and bought about 20 Nivea lip care products when they were free after coupons a couple weeks ago (paid about $1.50 for all).  So now to stock up on medicine for our house. Seems like everyone around here just keeps getting sick, this will definitely stop us from making late night runs for full price meds. I love my coupons :)

Special thanks to my hubby who quickly drove to the doctors office before they closed to get those tearpad coupons for Infant/Children's Advil!


  1. Did you do this in one transaction, or did you break them up? Just wondering because you got so much stuff. I'm jealous :( I pretty good at couponing, but I don't have it down as good as you do...I wish I did..LOL!


  2. This was a lot of transactions at 2 different stores. I rolled between the Vicks Sinex and the Zarbees cough syrup. then used $17 (from vicks and Zarbees) in RR to buy the Gillette and so on.

    I have great cashiers where I live that I have fun chatting with while I do all my transactions. Thanks for the compliments, not all the trips are this great, keep it up and you will keep getting better!